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About  DG Nine Radio and Its team

DG9 Community Radio is a community-led broadcasting platform, dedicated to facilitating
access to information, supporting effective communication, delivering engaging
entertainment, offering comprehensive training opportunities, and stimulating meaningful
employment prospects.

Guided by a commitment to inclusivity, DG9 Community Radio is
resolutely dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalised and socially overlooked
individuals, while also acting as a vibrant conduit for creativity, shared aspirations, and
authentic self-expression.

Our values


The fabric of our community is stronger when all of its members have the opportunity to express their diverse interests, concerns, and points of view.


Providing educational opportunities that enable community members to build new skills and gain valuable experience. We promote an exchange of ideas that enriches people’s lives.


It is important that communities take responsibility for understanding the issues that affect them. Locally controlled media have the ability to provide viewpoints and information unavailable elsewhere.

Living in Place

Stranraer community benefits from ongoing dialogue about our region’s environmental, economic, and social issues. Such dialogue develops our understanding of the place where we live and deepens our commitment to sustaining it.

Why community radio?


Community radio stations offer numerous benefits to communities. One key advantage is local representation. Stations like DG9 Radio provide a platform for local voices to be heard, representing the diversity of the community, including different cultures, languages, and perspectives, which might not be covered by mainstream media.

Community radio supports community engagement by involving local residents in programming. This involvement creates a sense of community ownership and connection to the content being broadcast. Additionally, DG9 radio serves as a hub for promoting local events, businesses, and initiatives, often providing free or low-cost advertising opportunities that help boost local economies and cultural activities.

Also, community radio fills gaps in mainstream media coverage by providing essential information and resources to residents. This includes updates on local news, weather, traffic, and community services, particularly in areas where access to such information may be limited.

Many community radio stations offer training and educational programs in media production and broadcasting, We are no differant and we are creating and adding to our training academy. This empowers members of the community with valuable skills and provides opportunities for personal and professional development.

Culturally, community radio plays a pivotal role in preserving and promoting local traditions, music, language, and folklore, particularly in regions like Dumfries & Galloway, Wigtownshire in specific, with rich cultural heritage. Lastly DG9 Radio can give a voice to marginalised or underrepresented groups within society, addressing issues of social justice, diversity, and inclusion, and promoting understanding.

 How do we do it all, well….. we need you, the community to be involved.